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About Us 

Batteries and Power Solutions GmbH Batteries and Power Solutions
Veit-Hirschmann-Str.6    1024 N.El Camino Real, Suite B340
73479 Ellwangen Encinitas, CA 92024
Germany   USA

Managing Directors:

Dr. Jürgen Heydecke                                   Dr. Manfred Leimkühler                         Peter Steinmetz


Dr. Jürgen Heydecke 
experienced in coordination with global companies (USA/Europe/Asia), lived many years in Asia (Singapore).
He was the Head of Battery Know How Center at VARTA – leading the business with mobile phone and
Note PC companies.

 • PhD on Li-batteries, TU Munich
 • Since 1979 working on batteries with VARTA and Batteries and Power Solutions
 • Experienced in R&D, Process Engineering, Quality Management, Sales & Marketing, 
   Project Management, Key Account Management

Dr. Manfred Leimkühler
a Battery Expert with international experience, lived many years in USA (New York) and Asia (Shanghai),
specialized in coordination with global companies (US/Europe/Asia).

 • PhD in Chemistry; University of Münster
 • Since 1989 working on batteries with VARTA and Batteries and Power Solutions
 • Experienced in R&D, Design-In and Application, Quality Management, Sales & Marketing, Key Account
   Management, Product Management, Project Management, Sourcing, Electronics  

Peter Steinmetz
worked many years as Key Account Manager handling major OEM manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia. As Project manager he was coordinating manufacturing, procurement, and production to meet customer needs.

 • University of Wisconsin
 • Since 1985 working on batteries with VARTA, Saft and Batteries and Power Solutions in USA
 • Experienced in Sales & Marketing, Key Account Management, Quality Control, Procurement, Project
   Management, Battery Pack Design


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